Allen F. Weidhaas, Sculptor

Shown above is a woodcarving for sale by artist Allen Weidhaas of Virginia. Weidhaas creates sporting and wildlife sculptures in wood and bronze. His main subject is wildlife in their natural environment, inspired by a lifelong affection for camping, fishing, hunting, and boating. He strives to “capture the essence of the subject in a single moment, frozen in time.” Weidhaas occasionally accepts commissions, one of his most notable commissions being the monument of J.E.B. Stuart, famous Confederate Civil War general. It is one-and-a-half times life-size, made of bronze, and will be installed on the general’s birthplace property in Ararat, Virginia. His acclamations include a permanent exhibit of his work at The Virginia History Museum, shows at the Virginia Marine Science Museum, and a nomination in 2000 for the Virginia Governor’s ‘Awards for the Arts.’

Weidhaas is an adopted Virginian, as he lives in Montana but spends his winters in his studio in Stuart, VA. There, the Bull Mountain Art Gallery represents many works of Weidhaas’ and is available for visits. Other galleries that include his work are located in Virginia (Martinsville, VA), North Carolina (Highlands, NC and Lexington, NC) and at his home of Bozeman, Montana. Visit his website to see current work for sale as well as his work-in-progress designs:


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