Hungry Mother State Park

April is a great time to enjoy the beautiful spring through hikes or family picnics, especially in Virginia. If you’re looking for a beautiful park with great history, visit Hungry Mother State Park in southwestern Virginia. Along with beautiful scenery, the park has swimming, camping, cabin rentals, boat rentals and a conference center. It also has a great history; legend has it that when Native Americans destroyed several settlements on the New River south of the park, a woman named Molly and her small child were among the survivors. They wandered through the wild eating berries, but Molly was too weak and collapsed, while her child continued down the creek to find help. The only words her child could say were “Hungry Mother”, and that is how the state park got its name. Don’t be stuck inside all spring. Visit Virginia and explore the Hungry Mother State Park for yourself. For more information, visit the website.


One response to “Hungry Mother State Park

  1. mike lachance

    travelling from Canada to new Orleans on our motorcycles we took a side trip to Hungary Mother State Park.W e took a lot of pictuures,I then rode off leaving my camera there,the date was july 6th. if someone out there finds it keep the camera just send me the SD card,i will give you address to send to

    thank you in advance


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