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Welcome to The Cascade Highlands, the True Blue Ridge of North Carolina and Virginia.

The Cascade Highlands encompasses 9 counties in the Blue Ridge Foothills of Virginia and North Carolina. The region is home to  North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley wine region and Virginia’s Blue Ridge Highlands. The Yadkin Valley region was designated as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 2003, the first in North Carolina.

The area features a rich and robust history, unique cultural experiences, and charming, welcoming atmosphere. Our Appalachian Mountains and ancient rivers are among the oldest in the world, and they provide some of the most exciting and beautiful scenery in Eastern America. Interspersed among this scenic grandeur is an extravaganza of outdoor adventure. The Cascade Highlands is home to zip line canopy tours, biking along the Virginia Creeper Trail, paddling the New River near Galax, Va., and the Dan River near Danbury, N.C., and hiking on the Appalachian Trail

In our region, there’s a legend behind every song, a history behind every landmark. We’ve got stories of outlaw bootleggers, world-renowned musicians, and the most famous little town in the world. And what makes them all special is that they’re all true.

The home of Mayberry (and a multitude of friendly “hometowns”), the area parallels the simple life, slow pace, and honesty of a time gone by. That honesty defines the people, places and culture of The Cascade Highlands. It carries over into pristine landscapes, unspoiled wilderness, welcoming communities, and an organic, less-hectic style of life.

In The Cascade Highlands, there are plenty of unique activities (historical, outdoor recreation, music, wine-tasting, etc.), available year-round. It’s a suitable day-trip, weekend, or week-long vacation.

For more information, visit www.trueblueridge.org or visit our wine blog at http://yadkinvalleywineblog.com.


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