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NC Christmas Tree Farms

nc christmas tree farm

Shop for NC Choose-and-Cut Christmas Tree Farm

As Thanksgiving approaches, so does the hunt for the perfect NC Christmas tree. For those families looking to stumble upon that lush, perfectly sized evergreen, Reeves Ridge Christmas Tree Farm in Sparta, NC opens for the Christmas season on Nov. 19. The farm is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. starting Nov. 19 through Dec. 18.

For more NC Christmas tree farms, visit the Evergreen Trail.


Ladies and gentlemen—start your mowers!

Alleghany County Lawn Mower Race

Photo by Tom Edwards

SPARTA, NC—Locals in Sparta experience the NASCAR thrill like never before. Welcome to the world of lawn mower racing. Lawn mower racing is not a contest to see who can mow their grass the fastest. It’s an actual race. Drivers race around an oval dirt track with high speeds that can reach up to 80 miles per hour during the race.

The Alleghany County Mower Racing Association (AMRA) is nearing the end of its NASCAR-like season. The AMRA will hold it last sanctioned race on Aug. 27 at 5 p.m. at the Alleghany County Fairgrounds. This is also the last day of the Alleghany County Agricultural Fair which finishes with a fireworks finale.
The AMRA races at the Alleghany County Fair each year. In addition to the fair, AMRA hosts other sanctioned races and donates their proceeds to local charities.

The final lawn mower race of the season begins at the Alleghany County Fair at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 27 followed by a fireworks display beginning around 10:30 p.m.  Admission is $6 and includes access to rides, exhibits, livestock shows, and music. For more information, call (800) 372-5473 or visit

Alleghany Co. Fiddlers Convention

The Alleghany County Fiddlers Convention has gained a lot of reputation because of its family oriented atmosphere. In here everywhere you turn will be happiness and good vibe. People go to Alleghany County Fiddlers Convention to have fun and socialize with other people with similar interests such as music. You might wondering what would you expect from this Convention is basically you will find fun, a lot of good music, friendly people, good food and some competition in the music jams. It is definitely worth it to go to the Alleghany County Fiddlers Convention to have a good time, enjoy good music and to see the beautiful mountain setting.

Alleghany County Christmas Trees


For Christmas trees, North Carolina  is ranked second in the nation in the number of trees harvested.  North Carolina’s Christmas tree growers are also providing more than 1,100 trees to Marines at Camp Lejeune and soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas. Christmas trees are the largest agricultural crop in Alleghany County (Sparta, NC) with Fraser Firs, White Pines, and some other limited species. Many of the pick-your-own farms provide hot chocolate, wagon rides and other special events. For more information about Alleghany County Christmas trees, visit the Alleghany Christmas Tree Association.

New River Arts and Crafts

If you like home décor, paintings and photography, then you will love the New River Arts and Crafts shop. New River Arts and Crafts is an e-commerce website where you can find artistic works, quality crafts and home grown agricultural products for sale. If you want to experience North Carolina culture without leaving your house, you can go online and order some of these fantastic and unique crafts. The website features the creators, growers and producers who craft and grow these wonderful products. None of the products offered from New River Arts and Crafts are mass-produced; instead, each piece is hand crafted by locals who have been blessed with tremendous creative talent. To explore New River Arts and Crafts, visit its website and order some North Carolina culture.

Bluegrass Music Event: Alleghany Jubilee

Every Tuesday and Saturday evenings, the Alleghany Jubilee features local bluegrass and old-time bands for an evening of good music and traditional dance. The music event is held in the former Spartan Movie Theater in downtown Sparta (25 North Main Street). The event is held from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. on Tuesdays and from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. on Saturdays.

The house band — the Rise and Shine Band — is a bluegrass group that plays on Tuesdays. The Saturday band varies from week to week. Concessions are always available, and a lot of folks come early to eat supper at the Sparta Restaurant next door.

For more information on this bluegrass music event, call 336-372-5573 or visit www. Admission is $4. Come to listen or to dance to this down-home mountain bluegrass music celebration.

For more bluegrass music event venues, check out our YouTube video.

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Blue Ridge Parkway Ranger Talks

Evening ranger talks are offered 6:30 pm at Bluffs Lodge on Fridays and Saturdays starting October 8. These programs are free and all are welcome.

Bluffs Lodge is at milepost 241 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Doughton Park visitor facilities, like most on the Blue Ridge Parkway, close for the season in November.

For more information, call the Ranger office at Doughton Park: 336-372-1947.