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Hungry Mother State Park

April is a great time to enjoy the beautiful spring through hikes or family picnics, especially in Virginia. If you’re looking for a beautiful park with great history, visit Hungry Mother State Park in southwestern Virginia. Along with beautiful scenery, the park has swimming, camping, cabin rentals, boat rentals and a conference center. It also has a great history; legend has it that when Native Americans destroyed several settlements on the New River south of the park, a woman named Molly and her small child were among the survivors. They wandered through the wild eating berries, but Molly was too weak and collapsed, while her child continued down the creek to find help. The only words her child could say were “Hungry Mother”, and that is how the state park got its name. Don’t be stuck inside all spring. Visit Virginia and explore the Hungry Mother State Park for yourself. For more information, visit the website.


Hanging Rock State Park

Hanging Rock State Park sits in the Sauratown Mountains in Danbury, North Carolina. The nearly 7,000-acre park has more than 18 miles of hiking trails around Sauratown’s tallest peaks. These lead to outstanding vistas, cascading waterfalls, caves, and a 12-acre spring-fed lake. Cabins are available for rent and there are an abundance of picnic areas and campgrounds to enjoy the breathtaking landscape and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So whether you’re an adventure-seeking enthusiast or you’re just looking for a quiet place to relax, you and your family or friends will find the perfect getaway.

Stewarts Creek WMA Birding and Wildlife Trail

If you are a Birding and Wildlife enthusiast then you will enjoy the 1,087 acres contained within the Stewarts Creek Wildlife Management Area. It is best known among locals for its high quality trout fishing. This wildlife management area is located along the Blue Ridge Mountains and includes both the North and South forks of Stewarts Creek. You will find hiking trails throughout this area which provides the ideal setting for nature lovers. This is also an excellent area to spy a diversity of wildlife, including animals such as wild turkey, ruffed grouse, white-tailed deer, gray squirrel and even the elusive red fox. Stewarts Creek is open sunrise to sundown and admission free.

Serenity Stables

Serenity Stables is located in the quaint city of Shoals, North Carolina and is only a short horseback ride away from the Yadkin River Section of the Pilot Mountain State Park. Serenity Stables also offers a campground, which is equipped with picnic tables, fire pits, electricity, outhouses and stalls for your best friend. A log cabin is also available if you would rather be away from the hot summer heat. For more information, head on over to their website.

Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Center

The Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management area is the second largest area system in Virginia but is the most unique because of its biological diversity. This is because of the differences in elevation on the area. The area covers 25,477 acres in Virginia’s southwest highlands. Because of its unique position, trees from both southern and northern forests are found. Deer hunting fishing are both dominant activities at the Clinch Management Center. For more information visit its website.

The Shore-Styers Mill Park

There is an undisturbed park embedding a cascading waterfall on North Deep Creek in Yadkin County, North Carolina. Numerous walking trails weave through the Shore-Styers Mill Park, which contains two gardens and steep hills sprinkled with ferns and mountain laurel. The powerful waterfall has been home to several mills in the past, including a sawmill, corn mill, and a flour mill.

Shore-Styers Mill Park is a haven for those looking for quiet, rustic hikes and pastoral views. It is comprised of 4.41 acres of forest along North Deep Creek and is located 4 miles east of Yadkinville between Shacktown Road and Old Highway 421.

For more information and a history of the mills along the creek, visit

Beaver Dam Creek Walking Trail

Peaceful, relaxing, tranquil; these are all words that describe the Beaver Dam Creek Walking Trail in Carroll County, Virginia. The trail is situated along a creek embankment with views of open fields opposite the creek. The trail also has an abundance of wildlife and plant life and the diversity helped get the trail listed in the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail System. Beaver Dam Creek Walking Trail is open everyday from 8 am to 8 pm. The trail is made for walking, which makes it appropriate for all ages. Bring your family and have a great adventure this spring! For directions, visit the website.